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Please be ready to provide your contact information like full name, phone and email address. Also, for your benefit, having the exact number of people will be easier for preparing the table for your

If you are planning to reserve a large party of 12 or more people, please call the restaurant to ensure availability for your parties. The sooner you call, the easier time the restaurant will have of arrange the space for your enjoyment of your most beloved food here at Ohana City Island.

If you are not able to reserve using our system, please do not hesitate to give the restaurant a call.


Ohana City Island

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OHANA is following all state mandates as it pertains to reducing the spread of the corona virus. We will remain OPEN for takeout and delivery only !

In addition, OHANA will offer FREE delivery service for any takeout orders and all orders will have a 10% discount to all Bronx residents beginning today March 16, 2020 and until further notice. We will continue to offer pick-up services. Our menu is on this website for your reference.

We have always practiced good hygiene amongst our staff and frequent cleaning and sanitizing of our kitchen, restrooms and dining areas have always allotted us a letter "A" Board of Health rating. We have only increased the frequency of this practice during this time.

We hope that as a community we will overcome this hardship and look forward to serving you all as best we can.

Sending everyone all our best during this very difficult time.